My year end report

2008 as coming to an end and 2009 is just a night's sleep away...


basically, this post is a summary of what I have did this year.


on January, I started my year 1 sem 2 of school at UTAR,

I was also helping out at the blood donation campaign that time as an ordinary helper...

and soon after that I joined Jujitsu,


then, it was CNY


later after CNY was my birthday, it's the most memorable even that I will never forget because so many people turn up to greet me at 12am...

I was really touched guys... thanks again...


and also some sad moments during April...


my sem then ends at May, allowing us to do mad mad things again (me and my bunch of monkey friends)



before the new sem starts, I went to Kelantan and Pulau Perhentian~



year 2 sem 1 then starts in June where I am starting to get involved in various activities like blood donation where I am the assistant duty master and the UTAR FEStival.



and then, my room door in KL somehow got locked from inside and we had to use force to get in...


during August, we went for a friend's house warming party and ended up in Hulu Langat~



I have my final exams on September and attended the

Nuffnang sharing session at the apartment KLCC.


as usual, after the exam, I went out to have fun alone this time..


I was about to get a place in Novozymes in Sri Petaling when the bad news that my mum got injured in New Zealand hit the pause button foe what have installed for me to go home.


and since then I am rotting at home...

until my cruise trip lately!~

which you can read about it here, here, here and here...


not forgetting, I have met a few new friends from the blogsphere during November especially~ ^^











overall, year 2008 has been kind to me, giving me alot of opportunities.

I came to know alot of new friends and still able to cope with my old once...

eventho there are some not so good times, but the joyous moment I had has already compensate for it~ ^^


so, now I shall put 2008 in my book for history, sweet memories, and lessons learn...

and I shall look forward to the bright 2009!!!


and I will work my very best to achieve my target!!!