to Phuket I went!

there are 2 stops for this ship, first Phuket, then Singapore!


the ship dock at Phuket around 10am the next day~

since we are there, why not go down and roam around?!


in order to get to the land, we need to board a smaller ship (boat) to the jetty because of the shallow water since Super Star Libra is too big....


us cam-whoring on the small boat~



at there, we went for the elephant ride, the shooting range, cashew nut factory, and the shopping mall there~


we had some ice-creme in the mall~


sis and I~


before going back on board, we spent some time on the beach first~


me fooling around the beach before going back on board~




next post?

food on board and the gala dinner~ stay tuned~



the stars going for dinner~