my days in Kelantan


for some of you who didn't know,

I have been to Kelantan to Visit my friend about 3 weeks ago~

well, visit a friend is an lame excuse I know... cause I just wanna go and jalan jalan obviously...

well, Ce-Yan and I took of from LCCT a.k.a Lauya Cheap Cheap Terminal and arrive at KBU around 3 plus...

the flight was ok~ but the landing was dreadful...


so, we went to have a look at a sleeping Buddha


we also pack some "nasi kerabu" back to Liang's home to makan from there~


look weird I know... but it is very very nice, and special if you asked me...

this green rice apparently cooked with some kind of herbs is actually tasteless, but then, after adding some bean sprouts, cucumber, onions, fish flakes, and budu (fermented fish sauce), it's heaven!!!!~ not forgetting some keropok ^^

at night, we did what we did best~

cam whoring!!!

this is what we do after 1a.m.



blind? sesat? or stoopiak?


come look for us if you sedang cari nahas~




starting to get tired edi~ so, we golek on the bed...


Liang and I


well,since we are all about makan...

we went to some stalls to scout for some potential food for ourselves...


lychee fresh!!~ the ultimately nicest lychee blended I have had in my entire life!!! mix of lychee, milk and some vanilla ice-creme~ best of the best!!!


ice kacang!!~~


this is~ colek perut!~ cow's stomach, keropok, cucumber, onions, some special sauce~ lalala~ heaven!!~


well... too bad I don't have a camera~ I had to rely on my friends to take pictures...


watch out for the next post as i hop into the car and go around to scout for nice food in Kelantan!!~