Singapore Blogger's Outing!!!

on the very next day, the ship docked at Singapore's cruise port at 7 something am...


due to some minor time miscalculation, I failed to meet Hong Peng on time....


so, as soon as I alighted, I went to our meeting venue at vivocity~

Nath might be late that day, so HP and I went for a walk around vivocity first~


and since Christmas is just around the corner, there decorations set up everywhere in vivocity~


some of the Christmas decorations~



Nath, HP, and I~


HP left soon after that because he have a class to catch in the afternoon~ co, Nath took me around Singapore (near to the harbor)


we went to Clark Quay~



then we watch an on ice performance at Central~



after the performance, I wanted to go to City Hall, and so, we walked there~

but we pass by a civil defense museum and we went in to have a look~


well, after all those, I have no more time to go to City Hall, and I am almost late to board my ship!!!

yea yea... I ran like hell later on from the MRT station to the boarding area... ask Nath, she was behind me chasing... XD



thanks Nath and HP for the wonderful meet up even though it's just a few hours only, really appreciate it!~ ^^

how we will meet again~ ^^