Nuffnang sharing session at The Apartment


guess what people,

I am invited to join the nuffnang sharing session at The Apartment Downtown at KLCC!!!


Jac and I arrived a little bit earlier and we went for jalan-jalan abit untill it's about time which we walked towards The Apartment~


took this pic. before entering the apartment~



this is the place!!~~


we were supposed to confirm our attendance by signing a name list that Robb printed out, while waiting, I look around the place enjoying the design WHEN SUDDENTLY I heard screams!!! very pitchy screams believe me... and guessed what?



Suthesh was there!!! haha!!! what a coincidence!!~

well obviously, the very-pitchy-screams come from 2 of them~ (like duh~)


then we choose a place to first sit down and chat a little~ together with our drinks~


very interesting drinks, believe me~


the it's mixing time,

I went to chat with a few bloggers, getting to know more about their blogs and some small easy chats~ it was kinda fun~


DSC08394 sorry Suthesh, leached your photo~


the it's dinner time where what we do is,




the food was good!!!

just that there are I think too few choices for a buffet...


but let me tell you, the apple crumbles was the best!!!!



saw the plate the is filled up with sand?

yea, that is the apple crumble >.<


the makan session was good~

we enjoyed ourselves~~



Jac and I~ taken by Suthesh~


then we moves upstairs for our sharing session~

the place upstairs I tell us is damn nice!!! it's a very nice place to hang out and chill~~



this is where we are sitting~~

den we started talking and introduce ourselves~


what bloggers do besides blogging?






with Sultan Muzzafar (I hope I spell the name correctly) the guest blogger of the night~



with kak red a.k.a red mummy (guest blogger of the night as well)



with some new friends~ (sorry, forgotten the names >.<)


DSCF2515 with the vocalist of the band performing there that night~



with Zach and Shaun~



3 of us with robb~

ohh one thing I forgot...

the conversation we had during dinner:

case 1:

As the waiter telling the list of the drinks they have here, a small confusion twisted poor my head.

Waiter: (in deep indian accent) we have strawberry cooler, peach cooler, raspberry cooler, tangerine cooler.....
I : err wat..? Tandoori cooler?
Suthesh and Jac: *laughs hyterically*

Seriously, chicken juice? Eww.

case 2:

when suthesh told Jac and I that Robb is gay and Zach is his boyfriend and Zuzu is their son (dog).

Me and Jac: REALLY?
Suthesh : Like duh. You think all his post is joke meh?
Suthesh : And Zac is his boyfriend.
Me : What...?
Suthesh : And Zuzu is their son.
Jac: No wonder la....
Me and Jac: *pauses a moment*
Me and Jac: No lar, I think he's not lar.
Suthesh : He is. -______-
Jac: He's not *shows mischiveous face*

Then when we went to take the deserts Suthesh pulled Robb and made us ask him (muahahahahaha he is evil ).

Suthesh : Clarified?
Jac:Yeah. Ok. *smiles again*
Me :*smiles*
Suthesh :Toldja. *smiles*
Me and Jac: *pauses a moment"
Me : So who is the........bottom?
Jac: I think could be *guess yourself here wtf*

Oh dear.


this conversation seems to last like forever!!!




overall the night was fun!

we get to have a glimpse of what a famous blogger will do and will have to face...

can see what kak red have to do everyday to keep those "lalat" away from her blog...

budden I had fun!!!

wish liang was there, it would be even better!!~

ohh and if I am correct, the 3 of us are laughing non stop like orang gila during dinner >.<





now I gotta go back to studies since i have alot alot more to cover!!!

wish me luck people!!!



till then~ chao!!!


e s t a n c u s said…
hahahah! FINALLY. a pic pf the COOLERS!!! lol. and you asked Robb that? waahajaaakkakaka...

bet you guys went home giggling, eh? lol.

bottom? well, a hint, the last alphabet! :-D
Leo Raj said…

i still cant forget every single moment we had! :D

and why i felt like i have seen those dialogue before?

*thinks hard*

oh, from my blog eh? XP
Joshu@law said…
wow...Nuffnang sharing session! Next time got go, must let me know ma....XD!