the end of exam!!

well, everyone have plans after exam,

and of course, I won't miss out cooking out some plans of my own...

I wont to pavillion right after the test is over to chill!!!~

DAMN pavillion is like my hang out spot now!


well, upon arrival,

I wen to buy movie tickets la of course....



the other Boleyn girl~

time: 5:05pm

venue: hall 8


I was DAMN hungry that time...

and being the usual cheapskate I am being lately due to holes in my pocket...

I went looking high and low in Pavillion to scout for  the cheap filling food...

or also known as food with decent pricing... >.<


at last, I stumble upon ZEN by Secret Recipe!!!


because it was a banner saying a RM10 set meal!!!




honestly, I am a sucker for cheap affordable food >.<

it's a main plus a drink, more than enough for me~


I swear to myself to order only the set meal!!!



I saw something on the menu that I simply couldn't resist!!!




well well...

due to certain reasons, my mood wasn't that good that time,

so I was timing the waiter for everything he dose...

from giving me the menu (it took them 4 minutes to send me the menu)

till giving me the bills (less than 1 minute)

DAMN!! it is so realistic?!

fast only when it comes to money?!

ok... who's not...


den den...

back to the food...

the service was satisfactory...

but the food's good as usual...


I had the all season grilled chicken served with rice!~



best part of this is that it has no bones!!! XD

and it tender!!!


had iced lemon tea for drinks,






I LURVE apple crumble!!

after my visit to the apartment, I cannot not love apple crumble!


then is only 1:30pm!!!

damn how am I supposed to goyang in pavillion till 5:05?!

I walked for another round and look at my watch...

ONLY 2pm!!!!


I cannot

I cannot!!!

*walks to the cinema and buy another movie ticket*



the stunts are ok~

the story's ok...

so, I rate it an ok movie...


then out I came from the cinema

for my 30 minutes break and walk to the lover ground to look for food!!!


there, I passed by Dragon-I

AHH!!! xiao long pau!!!!


but takakan I masuk there alone and order only 1 xiao long pau?


so I sit outside Dragon-I and eat...



Tau Fu Fa!!~~

*slam head*

I know I am SHEAPSKATE! (stop laughing)


then breaks over, and to the cinema I go!!~~

the other Boleyn girl was great!!!!!

one of the nicest movie!!!

I like!!!


go watch it!!!


after than, I need to wait got AHYI and gang to come out from their movie..

so, I went starbucks waiting for them...

I ordered my usual, caramel machiato, extra caramel, extra foam~



they are out!!!

and we went for dinner at Food Republic!~


we all had dishes from Little Taiwan~



mine~ :p


then we all go back home and get our rest, and we are going out today, again!~


till then, chill!~




p/s: my room and table seriously NEEDS CLEANING!!! i think so i'll be free tmr to clean it...

coz, now is enjoy time!~~~ :p