Standout with Nuffnang and Tiger beer

as you all know~

I was invited~

and of coz I went!


IMG_2054 we hitch a ride on Jackie’s car~

took this picture while waiting for Hitomi at the petrol station~


and off we went~

IMG_2070 to hQnine at TTDI Plaza~


IMG_2065 met up with ev~


IMG_2072 chilling out with a bottle of tiger~


IMG_2075 well, what are bloggers without camwhore?


IMG_2078 chatted with Tian Chad~

(my biotech senior in UTAR who’s graduated)


IMG_2088 and Jojo Struys!~ but she ran off before I have the chance to grab a picture with her… >.<


IMG_2090 and it’s dinner time~ *eats off*


IMG_2096 with Diese~ long time no see indeed!~ ^^


IMG_2097 Jessip0m and I~


IMG_2098and my first time meeting Chris Thoo~

(Joshua, Jackie, me, Chris, Dusty)


IMG_2100 ok, I tried stretching myself taller, but I still failed >.<

Zhao is still taller… (like WAYYY taller)


IMG_2107Tian Chad Vs. Kennysia

(of coz Kenny won la! he so big!)


we also had a game of auction,

IMG_2118  and WenPink paid 360 nuffnang dollars for a toilet bowl brush >.<

(we are suppose to do whatever we can to get the nuffnang dollars from those who have them)


IMG_2134look at the crowd and you’ll believe me when I say blogger’s the “IT” thing right now!


IMG_2140me posing~


IMG_2145me, WenPink and Ken


IMG_2147~Josh and I~ 


IMG_2148from left : Max, Jackie, KwongFei, me, and Diese~


groupiclast picture at hQnine before we leave for SS2 Murni~ (credits to jess)



well, it took us quite a while to get settled down and go~ but guess what.


IMG_2161 more than 50 bloggers turned out!

we totally bring down Sri Murni!

EwinEecomNuffnangMurniYUMCHA last pic of the day before we leave~ (credits to ewin)


owh, we have goodie bags too~ ^^

a bottle of tiger beer, poker face card, badge, nuffnang money and a t-shirt~

IMG_2170 and the 3 new limited edition designs of bottle from tiger~

it was alot of fun being there!~

really missed my blogger pals!~


maybe another outing someday?

remember to contact me yea!


till then!~



Wen said…
Hi! Thanks.. so it was 360 Nuffnang dollars for the toilet brush yea? I was actually trying very hard to remember how much i paid for it but i just couldn't recall.. luckily u remembered! XD Thanks!
gregorule said…
lol~ if I am correct, it was 360 NN dollar... XD
Iriene said…
Wow, u all have so much fun at Sri Murni! I left earlier, should have join u all...I mustn't miss the next outing.. remember me , ok! hehehe
gregorule said…
wells, remember to stick with us next time~ XD
KwOnG FeI said…
yo.. nice to meet you there~
Pork Chop said…
errr too many people went for the mamak...i must confess, i dint know u were there :S hehe
gregorule said…
nice to meet you ther too Kwong Fei~ ^^

PPC, LOL I oso don't know you were there... >.< tht makes us even? XD