my Perhentian trip~

well... I think so the whole world knows that I went to Pulau Perhentian~

so, here's some updates~

let's hop into the car and enjoy the ride!~


when I said "hop" I mean it!~ :P

so... we arrived there early in the morning and meet at Kuala Besut jeti


in the speed boat towards our destination~

upon arrival, we of coz, go to our room~


liang, wei, jac, peak mun, and me in a room~

then, we went out and play!!!~


it's too much to lose if we stay in the room all day!!! we all had fun!! in the sun!!

later after that, we went for snorkeling!!! for the whole day!!!


peaceful environment!~~




nice view~


all getting ready for snorkeling~


in the boat!~

Mo Mo Cha house

hehehe~~~ I look funny!!!

In Pulau Redang

at pulau Redang!~

fun fun fun!!!!

Greg has a new hair style... is red algae

my new hair style!~ red algae~

Greg, me and wei

me, Peak Mun and Wei~

Have fun with snorkeling

Liang, Me, and Peak Mun~

by the end of the second day, we are all dead tired~

since I got a few cuts on my foot, I did not get to enjoy my trip really well cause it's painful to walk on the sand with a cut on your foot is not fun at all~

but over all I enjoyed my self alot!!!

thanks Liang for organizing, TE4 for making this trip so enjoyable!!!

biotech rocks!!!!!