Delicious with cousin!

I went for my interview at Novozomes at technology park today!!!


outside the building~

inside is a very nice sight as well~



inside was their office surrounding a mini garden!! very nice!!!


the interviewer started asking me questions like:

~ what are your interest?

~ what are your expectations towards working here in our company?

~ tell me about your back ground.

~ tell me a little about what are you studying.


well I think I managed to answer all the questions without fail @__@


then they told me that:

~ they don't do research here, they have a small lab dealing with pure enzymes and to make the into powder or liquid form so that it's sellable.

~ they focus mainly on textiles enzyme.

~ mostly marketing, as in the sell, not research.


most importantly, they will call me back asap.




after the interview, I called my cousin...

cause we planned to go out together after my interview is done~

and so we did~


he took me to Bangsar Village~

and we went to Delicious for lunch!



I ordered smoked salmon quiche~



it was yum yum!!!

special~ it's like a pie the size larger than a cake~

egg and salmon in it~ HEAVEN!!~



the Classic Beef Lasagna!~



the carbonara spaghetti~


then, we had desert!!~~

well if you went to delicious and you did not take desert, it's like going to the north pole and never tasted snow!~ @__@

the deserts are MAMAMIA!!!~



carrot cake~

(damn ginourmous I tell you!!)



chocolate brownies with ice-creme~

the ice-creme are cold, the chocolate sauce is hot~




blueberry apple crumble with ice-creme~


and it's alot I tell you, ALOT!!!


after that we went to Pavilion for jalan jalan~

and now I am back home blogging about my day before it even ends @__@





thank bro for the treat!~



p/s: hope I can get conformation from Novozymes ASAP, so I can start planning~


nixxie said…
Okay first of all you use my comparison method without acknowledging so it's a serious matter man..

2nd the food looks awesome, eventhough they're not so detailed-ly snapped!