EXTRA icing on the cake~

image enough icing?


today’s a happy day!~


because I got all the I have ever wanted today! hari ini, 今天!!!


ever since last year, I have vwished to get a new laptop, a decent camera, and a portable music player!

and guess what?

I got it all in 2 days!!!


well, on Sunday morning, I woke up with a shock.


because I though I was late to meet up with my godmum just to find out that I am 10 minutes ahead of schedule…

well, of course I went back to slumber for 10 minutes (or less)

the outing until 3am was rather exhausting!!!



ok, back to the story…

the reason for me to meet my godmum was because she wants to get me a camera for my birthday present, and she asked me to pick one myself!

*being a noob in camera, I only have the slightest idea on how to choose a good camera…*


we first went home (godmum’s home) to get prepared~

and I was given this bag of pressie from my sisters (my god sisters)~

IMG_0006 CHARLES AND KEITH~ you guess what’s in there~

(answer will be revealed later)


I did not open the gift there straight, because it’s RUDE to open pressie in front of people (izzit???)




we went to One Utama after that to shop for my camera~ ^^


owh, and that incident… *looks at sis*

people are so greedy, baby’s cap also wanna take! “SHAME ON YOU”

jie, suggestion: tie your baby’s possesion (toys etc.) onto the stroller, with that, less things might be missing… ^^ *winks*



ok, so,

after a round or 2 looking at cameras,

it’s decided!


and so, I choose

PICT0038 a Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS


PICT0041 stunning huh? ^^

thanks KaiMa!~ ^^ hehe~



owh, and there’s this thing in the black, what’s your guess?

it’s also something that I want!


IMG_0011 it’s wrapped in blue~



IMG_0012 it’s a walkman!!! A SONY FRIGGIN WALKMAN!!! IN RED!!! (I like red if you noticed)

(I was so happy I laughed the whole apartment tumble down!)


IMG_0057 hohoho~ no more lonely feelie in the busie lo~~

*shots from the new camera taken by me!~* nice nice nice?



and today!

IMG_0108 the big big bomb!!!

it’s my computer!!!~


the Dell Studio 15!!!

IMG_0112 IN BLACK!!!



IMG_0116 and it’s functioning!!!~



there’s no touch pannel…

only 2 USB hub…

and to make things worse, the CD is stucked in the slot drive >.<

(Yeun, dun tell mommy)

I’ve already called Dell technician, and they will be here to solve the problem for me TOMORROW!!!

yes, tomorrow! and I am very happy with that! (that is if the make it)


and yea, I am using Windows 7~

Untitled the RAM usage is so much way less than Vista!!!

and with the Centrino2 P8600 and the 3Gb ram, I have no problem multi-tasking anymore!


a snapshot of the lappie~




Dell Studio 1555~


IMG_0133 new friend of the table~ ^^

and now, I need to go and do my revision already~


Jeffro said…
Wooo.. sum1 using windows 7.. Awesome!

anyways, congratz on the camera + dell + sony walkman! Have fun with camera! wootza!
gregorule said…
haha!!! new computer must use new OS maa~~ XD

having fun with all my gadgets now~ XD
Joshu@law said…
Waaa~~~ I'm so envy you la~
How I wish I can get so many new gadgets at once during my birthday...but I know that's impossible. =.=
panda said…
wah....i jeles aredi now!! :p