food on cruise~

as promised on my previous post, food galore!~

we spent the whole day on board the next day on the way to Singapore~


and trust me, being on board for the whole day is not at all boring!!!


in the restaurant (top), enjoying the sea breeze~ (bottom)

you can eat, play basket ball, watch some performance, walk around the ship, and breath in the sea breeze~


okok~ without further ado~

the food!!~

since I dine EVERYDAY at the western restaurant, It's gonna be all western cuisine for you to feast your eye~



the appetizers~






some of the main dishes~ ^^


fish, burger, LAMB, and chicken~ (clockwise from top left)



cheesy chicken, seafood pizza, creme chicken, and fish and chips~



steak and bacon, prawn, pasta, and salmon~



and last but not least~^^ deserts!!~



an that very day, we have a dinner with the captain, and from there did I only found out that the cruise ship are allowed a maximum speed of around 40km per hour!!! but it all certainly seemed so fast!!!

we look at the GPS on my uncle's phone, it's about 33km/hr!!!


well, we all have to dress formally for the dinner,


well, at least that's what my uncles and aunties are doing...

but yea, I am smart enough~ XD


before the dinner, we hang out at the lounge and watch a performance~^^


ohh, and that's the pirate ship we saw in Phuket according to my cute cousin~ ^^



next post, meeting up with Nath and HP at Singapore!~

stay tuned!!~


sabahking said…
it seem like you really enjoy it... and the environment i can feel that it is really good... but i think the food sure very expensive..
gregorule said…
sabahking, the food are all paid for before you go on the cruise...

exept unless u wann go eat abalone and shark's fin~ den u have to pay again...
Calvin J said…
Hey bro... food looks really gud..

haha... too bad cant get to bout food i also hungry edi..

Update more..lolz..