yea, I had alot to eat yesterday~

and best of all, I also gave very good companions to do so with~

owh, and another thing, I hereby declare that Pavilion’s Greg’s second home~ wOo0oo!


ok, enough craps…

Jynn decided to treat ChiauThong and WeiChee to a meal~

so we decided to go for Dragon-i


it’s my first time being there,

so I shall make my comparison with Shanghai 10


since we are visiting a Chinese restaurant, we came to the conclusion that it would be silly for us to order coke to go with our food, so we ordered “tong shui” instead~

IMG_2025 sea coconut with egg white~ not bad~ because it isn’t too sweet~


IMG_2027 barley with “fu chuk” and quill’s egg~

something new for me because I don’t usually put eggs into barley, but it turned out good~ ^^


since Jynn highly recommend their “la mian” noodles,

all of us took la mian~


IMG_2029 Jynn’s beef noodle~

very strong beef aroma, not really my type… but it was ok…

I may like steak, but beef noodle is something different ok!



IMG_2030 ChiauThong’s (I don’t know the name of this dish)~

but the sticky sauce is good~


IMG_2032 my I-also-forgot-the-name-of-this-dish >.<

not really my type because there’s peanut butter in it! but it was okok…

still edible…



IMG_2034 my noodle also comes with pork chop~


IMG_2035 and WeiChee’s (za jiang mian)


we also ordered

IMG_2038 “xiao long pau” translation = little dragon bun

which I find is really good compared to Shanghai 10, more juice inside~


IMG_2036 and “liu sha bau” translation = flowing sand bun >.<

whichI find Shanghai 10’s to be wayy wayy better~ because the sand isn’t really flowing in this bun… (literally)

after finishing our meal, we sat around and chatted

IMG_2014 WeiChee and ChiauThong


IMG_2022 Jynn and I~


I shall stop here and continue my day in another post~

till then!~


nixxie said…
Is it Dragon-i's day yesterday? coz I had it too with peakmun.. Shanghai 10's are way a lot better for everything I can say..

Btw, you had 上海排骨旦旦拉面, which I had too..

U can try their 桂花酒汤圆露, that's the only thing I like in Dragon-i.
gregorule said…
really? then we really 有缘. because i ordered tht thong shui too... but I din taka pic of it...

like rice wine like tht one rite? LOL
nixxie said…
yea exactly.. there's only one tong shui like that.. hohoo.. so 有缘 that it scares the hell out of me..
JynnErica said…
i went shanghai 10 at genting...
price same like KL...
n nvr try their "jing shi dan chao fan".... sux man... hahaha
gregorule said…
lol~ okok~
and you can finally comment?