Shanghai 10

as mentioned, Vivian a.k.a Kathleen took me out to treat me to a meal for my Birthday~

and so, we went to Shanghai 10~

edit1 of all pictures we took, we did not camwhore together >.<


anywayZ~ let’s move on the the food~

IMG_0637 we ordered Chinese tea~


IMG_0641 a bowl of yummylicious la mian~ the soup so sweet can die!!!~ ^^


IMG_0648 we also ordered xiao long pau (small dragon bao) and liu sa pau (flowing sand bao) *stupid translation, I know…*


IMG_0651 this is one yummy xiao long pau, I can’t compare because it’s my first time eating a xiao long pau~


IMG_0660 this is the liu sa pau~ sososo yummy!!!


IMG_0665 we also ordered the pork stomach soup with black pepper!~


mum, can cook this when I go home tomorrow??? PWEESEEEE o_o

IMG_0668 slurping away~


and for dessert~IMG_0673 we had the store’s famous Durian Pancake!

this is one super recommended pancake!!!




owh, and ahyii asked me not to post this pic, SO I did not post it up here~ ^^


going back to Melaka tomorrow~

going to see my cousins back from Australia!~


till then, cya!!!