Genji – PJ Hilton

let’s take a break from my Sarawak outings, It was my kai jie’s birthday last Saturday and we celebrated it at Genji, PJ Hilton.

Let’s just say that Genji has somewhat changed my perception of a hotel’s Japanese buffet since my last visit to Kampachi @ Equatorial Melaka.

I must give credits to the ambience of this place as it is well decorated and the good lighting.


let’s walk around…








IMG_3411 after moments of waiting, we finally have our seats ready and we FEAST!~


there are quite a few varieties of Japanese food to choose from, like…

IMG_3433 sashimi!~


IMG_3435 yea, I have 2 rounds of sashimi and plenty of seaweed!~ (love the seaweed)


IMG_3437 unagi, baked salmon…


IMG_3441 Japanese steamboat (beef)

and loads more, you don’t see any pictures here mainly because I am too busy eating to continue taking pictures.


finally when everyone is fully stuffed with these good stuffs, we continue taking pictures~


IMG_3448 the desert section


IMG_3453 the kids busy playing games


IMG_3495 my kai jieS~ (indication that it’s plural) yes, all four. (which is also usually my drinking kaki)


IMG_3501 taken with my goddad and god mum with their spouses.


IMG_3508 my family~

IMG_3481 time to cut the cake!~ ^^


IMG_3482 the children can’t wait for put the cake into their mouth! XD


IMG_3488 Julie and Jeffrey~

well, that’s all from me today!~ Happy Birthday again jie jie!~


Ultraman Jino said…
i forgot to ask. how much was it?

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