buffet at Kampachi, Equatorial Melaka


as mentioned on my previous post, we went to dine in Kampachi for my dad’s Birthday dinner.

and I’d say the buffet was a big let down.


they certainly did not captivate me at all.

for RM70++ pax, I’d expect much more, even Saisaki can do better!


DSC01835 the ambience was ok…

besides that, I have nothing to say.


compared to many other Japanese buffet, the choices are way to little!

*I’m not being unreasonable here, Saisaki costs almost the same (maybe even, less!)


they don’t serve those baked shellfish here which I craved for so much.


and the food quality really hit the bottom line!

let me tell you why:

- I can hardly see ell, shellfish, or some other things that needs to be there like what A Japanese Buffet should have.

- the mackerel was TOUGH! which is not how you should serve fish.

- say about 10 pieces of fresh oyster served (which is so little) 7 of them are not really fresh (fresh as in bloated oyster kinda fresh)

- most of the hot food are overcooked (hard) because they are left on the heater for too long.

- desserts are not that good as well because those which are supposed to be hot appears to be icy hard because they did not put it on the heater.


in other words, temperature of food, tenderness of food, and quality of food served are all not right!

thank god they did not spoil the sushi though.



and to make things worse, the chefs do not use gloves while preparing the food!



I got a total shock of my life looking at them preparing my food with their bare hands!

how can that be accepted in a well known restaurant like Kampachi and in a 5 star Hotel (Equatorial)!



overall, I did not have a good impression on Kampachi after my first visit…

paying RM70+ per person, I do expect more.

not only did it not reach my expectations, it totally diminishes it’s reputation in my opinion.

I wouldn’t recommend people to visit the place, honestly.



anyway, some pictures for this post.

DSC01795 some appetizers.


DSC01801 sushi


DSC01803 sashimi


DSC01805 and tempura


DSC01840 tempura and teppanyaki corner

they only serve salmon, lamb, beef and prawn for teppanyaki. no vege, no mushrooms… a total turnoff.



well, that’s all…

I can sense that I am starting to get grumpy…


YULI said…
maybe it's part of their style how to make good food :l
gregorule said…
but it's not really attracting me to call those food good...
Ultraman Jino said…
eversince my 1st visit to shangri la... i lost confidence in hotel buffet... that explains all

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
yea, but that's Kampachi! It's a well known restaurant!
Ultraman Jino said…
well... its a hotel restaurant... wont be that good...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot