Uncle Duck

think straight ok,

it’s a restaurant in Times Square~


we walked from Pavilion to Times Square~

and when it’s dinner time, we decided to try dining in this restaurant~


IMG_2042 chatted while waiting for our food to be served~


ChiauThong and I had steamboat~

IMG_2044 ChiauThong’s pork steamboat~


IMG_2048 and I took beef~


the steamboat is quite good actually~

the soup is like super nice in the end~ ^^


IMG_2046 Jynn ordered duck rice, which he finds not worth it…

while WeiChee ordered duck porridge… (no image available)



overall it’s a good place to dine in if you ask me~

they serve decent food and the service is not bad (or maybe there are suite little people when we visited)


till then!~ CYA!


Ultraman Jino said…
if you order set duck rice, the duck might not be as good as when u order quarter or half the duck separately... i like his duck...

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