60 Earth Hour

right after my blogger’s gathering, I went off to meet with my housemates and headed to Cap Square for the Walk of Hope!



we arrived around 5.20pm and all the Earth Hour Tees has been given out… T____T

it’s a waste because those tees are darling…



the sky is still bright when we arrived,


and since we have to wait till it’s 7.30pm for the walk to start, we might as well explore some of the place in Cap Square~



we then came by an art exhibition in the mall~

DSC_4773_067 one of the most interesting exhibition…

it’s known as project hexa, and that’ all I know…


and then, we went out and took some pictures~


a group picture with the clown~


DSC_4788 DSC_4791_079











PeakMun and I~


DSC_4882_145 soon after that, candles are lit,


DSC_4928_166 and the walk begins!


DSC_4964_185 the walk distance is very short, so, it’s not tiring at all, plus, it’s fun walking for something so meaningful~

owh, did mention that they all sang me birthday song during the walk?!

okok, I was pretty paise…


after the walk, it’s time to count down to switch off the lights~


DSC_5015_204 and it’s DARK!!!~


but with the candle light~

DSC_5049_213 we have no problem having fun either~


DSC_5053_217 and a group picture in the dark~


and did i mention, UTAR was there too~



DSC_5102_235 and the last peformance of the day~ *here in my home by several Malaysian artist*



while walking off from Cap Square, we saw lit candles, and since it’s my birthday, I am supposed to blow them off~


and is it luck or what?! there were exactly 21 candles!~ XD



and the night ended with a group picture of us~




overall, I had a very fun birthday~

28th of March is indeed a day to remember!~ ^^


Haha! Happy belated birthdayz ;p

Guess what
I just passed by you all when you are taking the group photo after Earth Hour XD
gregorule said…
really?!?! omMig0sH! HAHA!!!~
nowonder your friend looks familiar... >.<
Robin de Bean said…
nice one...
where can i get the (2009) 60 earth hour T-shit??
anyone selling or giving away
gregorule said…
i dun think anyone would want to give it away nor sell it...

you need to have the ticket to get the tee and goodie bag... and they are limited... >.<