Pavilion blogger’s gathering

I now most of you have been waiting for this post… (ok, maybe only you HP)

but hey! how am I supposed to blog without pictures?!

but it’s settled now since i rob some pictures from CWKen, and Jeffro sent me the pics he took that day~ ^^ photo credits to them!!!~ ^^



first, we meet up at coffee beans waiting for everyone to arrive~

mind you, I arrive since 11+am… @___@


IMG_1509 [1280x768]

wah~ who’s this leng zai huh?


IMG_1512 [1280x768]

then we chatted for abit… ok, I was busy with the phone for a while >.<


IMG_1515 [1280x768] then, the dude from monkey land a.k.a Zhao started doing his thing (photography, think straight >.<)

people, he’s-so-tall-you-look-at him-you-feel-you’re-short-like-bacteria. (ok, crapping)


IMG_1532 [1280x768] after everyone has arrived, we moved on to food republic below for lunch!~

mind you, we were all hungry by then @___@


sat there, chat for a while, and move on to our next spot~ STARBUCKS~


too bad both the Starbucks are full.

So, we thought of going to sit at the stairs near the entrance of Pavilion to chat~

DSC_0979 copy after taking a few pictures, guards came to halau us… WTF…

like we are illegal immigrants or something…

I can see that Zhao is frustrated by that too…


running out of ideas on where to go, we just strolled around the place until…

IMG_1550 [1280x768] JESSIP0M arrives!~

well, we met at last, did we?! XD



soon after that, everyone went their separate ways (meaning went home)

leaving me, Zhao, Jess, Angel, Ken, Diese and CWKen.

we hand out at Dome’s for a while~

DSC_1029 too bad I had to leave early guys~

tell me what did I missed?!?!?!



owh, and the uber important picture of the day!~

IMG_1556 [1280x768] group picture!~

From left: CWKen, Angel, Ken, Bernard, Me, Jeffrey, KaiChi, Vun, Jackie, Zhao, Diese, Alex, Kwong Fei, Suresh and Jess



DSC_1008 took this outside starbucks~ ^^



hope to meet you guys again soon yo!!!

I really had sun that day~


post on earth hour coming up!!!~

so many to update man~ @___@

CYA! *runs to class*


Andrew said…
missed the gathering.. LOL +D was busy that day.. arghh.. LOL
gregorule said…
owh~~ next time perhaps~ ^^

too bad u missed it~
David Cheong said…
Fuahhhh blogger's gathering, best!