Sarawak, land of the hornbill

most of you will know what have I been MIS for these few days~

let’s hope you don’t miss me too mush yea~ ^^

anywayZ~ I am back!~

IMG_3043 too bad we couldn’t drive to Sarawak. Thus, we resorted to take the plane… (lame I know…)


IMG_3044 our gang!~ (apparently there are 2 gangs going there, and we were on the same flight coincidently!~)


IMG_3050 a picture before the aircraft took off~


IMG_3054 and we are amongst the clouds~


after about an hour worth of flight, we finally arrived at Kuching International Airport~

IMG_3076 scenery of Sarawak taken sometime before we touchdown Kuching Airport.


IMG_3087 First stop: the Ontology museum.


IMG_3096 a group picture before we leave for waterfront.


IMG_3097 how can I miss taking a shot with the cannon king (RQ) and his cannon!


IMG_3100 we went to waterfront right away after that~

and I must say the view is not bad~

IMG_3108 another group picture before we go to the opposite side of the river~


IMG_3116 in the sampan to get to the opposite~


IMG_3115 AiSieng’s friend Irene, joined us as well~

with Irene and AiSieng around, we don’t need to worry that we will be bored, they are better entertainer compared to the TV!


IMG_3124AiSieng and I on the tower with the new parliament building as our background.


IMG_3127 too bad the rain have to come that time, leaving us with no choice but to leave the place and we ended up in Spring shopping mall~


IMG_3128 If I have heard it correctly, there are only 2 McDs in Kuching! godblessmeifieverlivethere *sworn*

but luckily they have a substitute for McD which is Sugar Bun!~ they have superb ice-crème if you ask me!~ way way way way better than McD!~


IMG_3134 see their syok face and you’ll know how nice it tasted!~


IMG_3141 we continued to hang out there until it’s time to go back~ ^^


*more updates to come*

damn tired now, I wanna sleep till tomorrow’s lunch time!~ *if I can*


Ultraman Jino said…
RQ's cannon cannot liao la... rusty lol

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
ya meh? why say so?