Damai Puri Resort and Spa, Sarawak

later in the afternoon after the crocodile farm, we went to a place called Damai, north of Kuching.

we, as usual camwhored upon arrival.

IMG_3152 taken at the balcony of the lobby~

and I must say, it’s a nice place to take a vacation~


IMG_3161 with lao lao, taken also at the lobby of the hotel.


IMG_3163 yea, we took alot of pictures here~


IMG_3167 this is me being the big tree, providing shade… >.<


IMG_3175 finally iSieng arrived (we come in 2 seperate cars)


IMG_3178 and we continued camwhoring…


IMG_3181 while Bernard was checking in for us~

IMG_3185 got into our room and I was rather glad with it!~


IMG_3186 it’s a big big room!~ with a big bed!~


IMG_3189 later after that, we went for a dip in the pool~

yes, the baby pool, for the slides… I know~


We have seafood for dinner somewhere near and not-so-near that place~

and I must say it’s good~ ^^


the fun at Damai Puri continued to the night when we were playing heart attack (it’s a card game)

and well, let’s just say we have no more decent image in each other’s eyes already… =(

but it’s a night filled with joy, fun and laughter. Until

the security came knocking on our door asking us to keep our voices down.

well, that’s where most of the fun ends!~ joy killer…


andway, we camwhored again in the morning on the beach, and the resort area~



DSC06684 the out of the resort we go~


DSC06688 and have a visit to the cultural village~