Twitival KL

*note: pictures are taken from Jason and Benjicajess, Picture credits to them*


I missed hanging out with my blog buddies! Like so so so so much! Don’t ask why I stopped suddenly I just stopped.

But, I managed to meet up with a few of them last night at Mist, Bangsar for Twitival~ an even by twitter~


iwanna the gang!~


3912844878_257d45ff0c_o we had free flow of 1901 hootdogs, NZNaturals ice creme~ and loads more goodies in the goodiebags!~


3912062165_ff02f8a5f7_o owh, did I mention? I won myself a moleskine notebook for the lucky draw!~ WOOTS! (I didn’t know what is a moleskine until that night and appearantly the notebook cost RM90 like WHAT?!)


I managed to grab a picture with the host that night as well~ ^^


DSC_0006 everyone, this is Will Quah~


DSC_1549 and Jessip0m~


Thanks Jonathan for draggin me there~

who knows it’s a night filled with luck and fun!~ ^^

I definitely enjoyed myself there~


yenniedoll said…
hey, the gathering looks fun and .. heh. why jess looks so different.
gregorule said…
LOL different like how? u ask her laa... XD
gregorule said…
WUahAhasHaHaAA!! 0nc3 a JesSip0m f0rev3r a JesSip0m!~ WOOTS!!!