genting 09

all the fashion crisis is mainly because I wanted to wear my grey hoodie sweater when I am in Genting~

it’s not like I get to wear 2 piece of garments every time ok…

It has also been a while since I’ve been to Genting~

IMG_2918 camwhore in the cable car~

IMG_2945 big baby


IMG_2971 in the theme park~


IMG_2987 in the tut tut car~ (if that’s what you call it)

IMG_2994 found my elephant~


IMG_3011 also found my dream of sipping starbucks in the open air at Genting~




all those were so fun, memorable, and I loved it~


but like everything, there’s a price to pay…

I came home with a sore eye, runny nose and a big headache~

infect, the headache causes tooth ache too…


till then~


Ultraman Jino said…
that is like few days away from finals. pei fu you all! lol @@

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
LOL I know we very geng!~