Dim Sum

hi people, it’s has been a while I believe…

but I have decided to do a come back into the blogsphere after my long hiatus mode.


I have been craving for dim sum for a long long time now and I’ve finally made the decision to get my hands on it today~


I went for Dim Sum this morning with RQ this morning somewhere near our place~ and gosh do I like it!~


here are the dishes we took for 2 person~

IMG_2891 chicken feet: my all time favourite! but the one they serve here was just ok. not as soft as expected tho… but edible.


IMG_2892 some pork ribs~ this is good!~


IMG_2893 siew mai, it’s a must order when you go for dim sum, and this dish certainly didn’t let me down~


IMG_2894 Har Gao: very yummy too~ the prawns are so fresh that it still “jumps” in you mouth when you chew it~


IMG_2895 century egg: this is something new which I find very very nice! the sweetness of the cabbage and the fainting flavour of the century egg just mix in your mouth with the meat defiantly takes you to cloud 9!~ heavenly orgasmic!


IMG_2896 Char siew filling in yam: this one is a very nice dish too. the soft and fluffy yam with the meat filling is definitely a combo for a mouth watering pleasure!

total damage : RM21.30 (not as bad as expected even though it may be cheaper in Melaka)


Ultraman Jino said…
huhuhu suddenly you come back and i just realized lol

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
lol~ yea~ it has been a while~ ^^
finally decided that it's a waste to abandon this blog.
Ultraman Jino said…
so which should i follow? confuse lol

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot