the end of the beginning

it has been years since I’ve started blogging

and I have to admit that it’s quite saddening that I have to say good bye to this blog…


but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do right?


and so, I hereby announce that gregorule, will not receive any updates anymore.

I here by thank everyone who has been a loyal visitor of this blog.

and I definitely will miss this blog.


and who knows, maybe one day I might just come back to resurrect this blog in the future.

or you might find me elsewhere, blogging away in some other sites…



I’ve cashed out my nuffnang earnings and there’s no turning back!

till then, all the best everyone!

gregorule out!


~K£cќ~ said…
Y? y? y....? .. T.T
gregorule said…
lol~ personaly reasons laa... ^^