a day of movie, thai food, cakes and subways

as above~

I went out with Viv and Liang to BTS yesterday for an outing…


and we had thai food for lunch!~ and it was a great meal~

IMG_2713 tom yam~


IMG_2717 green curry~ (I super like this one)


IMG_2719 kangkung belacan~


IMG_2721 and mango salad~



and not forgetting, the utterly famously irresistible

IMG_2724 mango glutinous rice! WOOTS!!!


IMG_2690 Viv can’t wait to dig in!


IMG_2695 while Liang and I patiently waited…


we watched The Talking of Pelham 123,

and I must say it’s rather thrilling… quite nice if you ask me~ ^^

after the movie, we went for cakes at secret recipe!~


IMG_2727 liang’ s classic cheese~


IMG_2730 Viv’s I-forgot-what-it’s-called cake


IMG_2734 and my all time favourite CARAMEL CREME CHEESE!~


well, we basically sat and chat for a long long time~

it was since I-don’t-know-when we haven’t been chatting like that already!~

and it was a great day indeed!~


owh, and I take away a subway sandwich for my dinner at 9pm… LOL

and I forgot to take a pic of it… >.<


hmm… bloggers outing today was cancelled…


and I think I need to go see the doctor coz my throat haven’t got any better since 4 days ago…

worse I’d recon…