dad’s surprise~

as planned, we went to Equatorial’s Kampachi for a buffet dinner.


DSC01831 a post about that later.


oh sis, remember this jie jie with us during out Teakwondo years?



ok, back to story,

dad was so gairiah for his birthday cake on the way back from Equatorial.

but mum and I assured him that there’s no birthday cake.

but he keeps saying that he knows we will get one for him.


FYI: he’s the one saying that there’s no need for birthday cake or even a celebration in the first place.

according to dad, in his younger days, his parents don’t even celebrate birthdays for him nor themselves, a red egg is more than enough.


so, mum and I asked him weather he wants “mee suah” or cake for his birthday and that he can only choose one.

and my dad’s answer was: “ can oso”

dad, we are asking you to CHOOSE ONE, not if you want BOTH! HahAhAHAaaAaHAHaAhahaaA!!!!


anyway, we did buy him a cake…

DSC01847 owh, no, it’s a pie. a minced fruit pie to be exact!~

(g0sh, I loved dad’s expression when he look at this small tiny little pie!)

he looks so so so0oO disappointed and try not to show it! damn cute I tell you!~  XD


DSC01852 blow the candle and off we went to bed.


soon after that, I came downstairs to get the proper cake.

but little did I know, mum wasn’t able to keep him upstairs,

so, no surprise for dad.

and dad’s reaction when he sees me handling the cake?


he said and I quote:

 “see, I know you all will buy for me one…”


DSC01854 dad’s black forest cheese cake~


DSC01856 see, he’s so happy sampai whistling while cutting his cake, beh tahan!



mum and I said: 明明就是要蛋糕吗!!!



anyways, Happy Birthday again dad!~

how you enjoyed last night’s dinner and cake cutting ceremony~