contradicting thoughts

let’s start off with something light…



sterols oh sterols…

my phytochem test is finally over,

or not.

coz there’s a test 2.


and today, I wrote in my test paper that soybean contains plant oestrogen which aids in lowering LDL in our blood.

and it wrong, it’s supposed to be phytosterols!!!

but then again, plant oestrogen is still phytosterols right???

right right right???



a sight for sore eyes

well, there’s always things we like and don’t like to see…

and I have to admit, I am not excluded.

so maybe I should just blind myself?

but then, I can’t see anymore nice things if I am blind right?

so, to blind myself or not?



of outings and responsibility


apparently I am more busy than I have thought!


I have 2 test (IMA AND OB) and a

presentation next week!

of all which I am not fully prepared YET!



outings again?!


and I feel bad for myself…



I think I should cancel a few outings due to the unfinished work staring at me all day…

orite… partly also because I am broke…


so, if I still want to be able to have my meals for the rest of the month, I better not go out too much… WOOTS




so far, it’s all for now…

I seriously am deprived of sleep…

thank god class tomorrow is cancelled!~

can sleep more!!!!