transforming cell~

we transform some cells yesterday and streak it in the Petri dish~

and we are supposed to observe them today~

IMG_2303 our dearest bacteria~

how well did you all transform under the heat shock?



IMG_2314 counting the colonies~

it’s quite hard to do so since the light source is limited, which is why I a holding it so high up…

and the colonies are so small… >.<




IMG_2348 Melinda and I while waiting for our next lecture~



Greg has not been really happy lately…

perhaps an outing tomorrow to clear my mind? T_____T


Evann said…
why do your streak plates look so weird? no single colonies? :(

what were you trying to isolate?
gregorule said…
lol it's a spread plate, we are trying to isolate cells that have already been transformed with Amp. resistant gene.
we should have done streaking instead, i know...