smiling rainbow

smiling rainbow

If rainbows are so cheerful, why are they always frowning?




they’re hard to come by.

Like true love,

we cherished them.



The 7 spectrum,

expressing itself.

Like the emotion,

we experienced.


The pot of gold,

at the other end.

Like our reward,

After a hard labor.



All you need,

is a little patience,

luck, and a smile.

To see it smiling back at you.



written for a friend on 9th June 2009, time 1750 at home.


Ultraman Jino said…
how do you know there's no sorrow behind the rainbow?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
no, I don't.
that's why I did not use the words like happy or sad... (2nd verse)