school starts!

ok, as above

it’s very obvious that I am starting my new semester today!

(I wanted to say at last, but the 2 weeks break totally killed it. so, it’s not an “at last”)


“counting down to my first class of the semester in 1 hour and 15 minutes” *please read in robotic tone, it gives out the vibe*


and so I shall wish my fellow course mates a good semester ahead!

and I shall keep my fingers crossed and hope that my energy and enthusiasm level are being kept high!





Bukit Cahaya?!

owh yea, about that.

I shall update about it after my class today as I am feeling more “alive”.

and so far, the only ache I feel is from my butt (due to excessieve cycling). no muscle pain (which I find odd because I expected it to come)



till then!

*zooms off to catch the bus*