memoirs of my thoughts

I went out with Melinda for starbucks today~

read her post here.


it’s our first outing after so long without meeting each other~

and I had to say we can be very great siblings without a doubt!


we are like each other’s treasure boxes to keep secrets, throw tantrum, and sometimes even fill rubbish into each other~

thanks sista for always being there for me!


being the usual caramel freak

04-06-09_1028 I had a cup of caramel Frap.



DSC05387 while Melinda had her chocolate chip Frap.



after a while, the caffeine finally run through my veins and the jiwangness came…


quickly I took out my note book and jotted down some of my thoughts.

IMG_2004 memoirs of my thoughts… (also the name of this book)


I shall post what I wrote there later after some polishing is done~

till then!


princesz mel said… true!!!
gregorule said…
I'll be sure to fill u with rubbish on monday...