high expectations

I was once being told that I have a very high expectation, for friends.

and I admit, I do.

but one thing’s for sure, I am not obsessed.



I was, what I would say a very simple guy back in high school.

I go to school,

I do my work,

be a son of my parents.

and honestly, I don’t really care much about my friends.



and I am very certain that things have really changed after I came to further my studies in KL.

friends has became a more important part of my life,

I suppose that’s what happens when we live away from our home.

we become more friend oriented.

we became more dependent on our friends.

because and just simply because we live closer to each other.

that was during my foundation year while I was still in PJ…


things really changed during my years in degree.

when things gets complicated,

when I get more demanding,

when I changed to be more individualistic,

or maybe because some people are getting on my nerves.

I am in no way could believe that I am actually capable of accomplishing so many things as well.

I am no longer the old high school Greg…


I tried putting my thoughts back to my foundation year.

the same day as today.

I was just getting to know KL,

I was just trying to make friends.

I was just trying to feel belonged.


tell me, who doesn’t have expectations from their friends?

tell me, who doesn’t treat a friend better than some other?

tell me, who doesn’t have different expectations towards different friends?


what I am trying to convey is that it’s human nature to judge and demand.

do you think that I would have high expectations from friends whom I barely know?

do you think that I would have high expectations from a person whom I just know for 1 week?

can you see where this is going? yea…


now, there are some friends whom I don’t really expect much from anymore…

but from a close friend?

it is just a very simple thing…

I just wanted support and know that I am not always alone…

that’s all…


is that too much to ask for?


for what it’s worth,

image thanks for being my friend, I cherished every single moment of it. even though our friendship last for only a second.


Lisa717 said…
No worry bro, as long as u did the right thing and make u feel comfortable..there's no big deal~

Glad to knw u too..hope your friendship among ur friends will be everlasting^^
gregorule said…
hi~ thanks lisa~ ^^
all the best to you too~ ^^
Ultraman Jino said…
sometimes dont get too over demanding, dont be so bossy. otherwise u will become 1 of my coursemates. hated by every1... i am not saying u r like tat haha. nah giv u a friendship slap *piak

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
*flew thousand miles away*
waa... very powerful slap ho? LOL

thanks for ur 2 cents~ ^^
Ultraman Jino said…
times 2 plz. coz with the current money rounding up system 2 cents round up bcome 0

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
lol~ okok~ then 5cents then~ XD