happy, sad, excitement, and loneliness.

I am so full of them.


people can’t tell me how or what I should feel.

but they do affect how I feel.


I feel happy because I have good friends who keep me accompanied when I needed them most.

I feel fun when she calls me a faggot and and we can laugh loudly about it.

I feel glad because I can sit and chat over a cup of frappuccino with you for hours and hours.

I feel contended because of who I am and who I’ve become.




all this positive feeling is impossible if,

I have not felt melancholy, sadness, and sorrows…



people say I am full of expressions.

yes, I am…



but why can’t I tell what I am feeling now?




written on 4th June 2009, time 1120 at Starbucks JJ Wangsa Maju.