Bukit Cahaya (part 3)

sorry for the long delay…

I had to separate this trip into 3 post because of the heavy photo load…


now now…

let’s continue our adventure into the four season temperate park~



thank god it’s the last day of spring the day we visited there~

so, we get to enjoy the cool weather after a sweaty trail…


IMG_1935 me cam whoring~


and here are some pictures of flowers I took~







IMG_1954 this plant sends chill to my spine…

looks like it’s being infested by maggots… yuck!


IMG_1958 the overall view in the four season temperate garden~




my best shot of the day~



and here’s a group photo taken by Mike~ (credits to him)


and so, we end our trip with a wide smile, tired muscles, and a very very aching butt (all due to cycling up and down the hill)

till then!~ CYA!