Bukit Cahaya (part 2)

as promised, here’s a more detail post about my visit to Bukit Cahaya~

DSC_8338_073 dad!!! mum!!! I can cycle!!!


pictures are not taken the first few hours of the outing because we are all cycling…

and I assure you, it’s no fun at all!

well, that after all is what mountain biking all about!


IMG_1870 RQ and I~ taken while we stop by for snacks~

it's lunch for some people but it’s breakfast for me…

yea, my stomach was empty which I was cycling up and down like a mad dog in the park…

it’s practically eating itself up already…


P1020714 a group picture before we move on to our next stop~


P1020716 the light tower or look out point ok I don’t know what you call this…


P1020722 ok, the guy in red kacau laa… step aside!


P1020728 iSieng, me, LaoLao and sifu~


P1020743 the nicest view from the tower~


P1020752 I’m teaching them how to check which is your dominant eye~


soon enough we were all to tired to continue cycling~

so we go on the shutter bus~

P1020769 peace!


IMG_1887 this is a nice building~ (ok, I don’t know what to call that coz it looks more like a house to me)


we went down the stop nearest to the four season temperate garden~

IMG_1893 the lovely couple~


P1020800 and after a short walk,


IMG_1894 we arrived at the four season temperate garden~


because we have to wait for everyone before we go in and some are yet to arrive, we went for a walk beside the pond~

IMG_1899 filled with algae…

marine students should like it here, no?

IMG_1904 vivian and I~


and all of a sudden,

IMG_1909 Liang went emo…


and wanted to jump into the pond…

IMG_1912 but thank god Vivian saved him!

else, all the algae in the pond is going to die…


since Liang’s attempt to suicide is  being compromised by Vivian,


he decides to take revenge!

and I shall let you to imagine the ending to this story…



IMG_1920 Jynn and I, only 2 person with camera in our group… (camera men’s pic.)


 IMG_1929 a picture with iSieng


IMG_1930 and LaoLao~



P1020829 and a candid from Jynn, please don’t ask me what I am doing because I don’t even know…


since there are somemore onigiri in my bag, we ate it all without anyone knowing!~

P1020847 *shhhh*



after that, we finally entered the four season temperate house~

I shall save it for the next post then~

too much photos…


till then~ CYA!