Imagine this.


you are out wit a bunch of friends at a party.

and you saw some one you know (or at least you do).

you walk up to her.


and says : “hi Cindy!”

she says : “err, I am not Cindy…”


you your reaction was ohh, you’re not?

but gave a nod and walked away with a damn shy look (tomato face).

(but you were pretty sure you know her)



after the event, everyone blogged about the event.

and then you noticed.

when they put the picture.

image with the caption, “Kenny, Rin and I”


then you noticed!

She’s Ringo!!!



*slams head on table*

because the “you”, is me…



*picture credits to Jessip0m*


Jacquelyn Ho said…

Fail la you greg. Ringo = cindy =.=

But yeah, I didn't recognise her until the very last min also haha. She looked so small size in real life heh
gregorule said…
yea i know...
Evann said…
O well, it happens.
You just need to work a quick cover-up for such situations.

"Cindy? I didn't say Cindy. I said 'hi, my name's Andy'. Nice to meet you! *smile*"
gregorule said…
HAHAA~~ tha't going to be like so lame... >.<