wine oh wine~

ok, I know I sound like kaki botol from the above title but no I’m not…


let’s just say I learn how to enjoy wine~

after having dinner at godmum’s place, my cousin bought wine~~

so we sat at the hall sipping away~


IMG_1769 some of the wines~



owh and we’ll also need to have some  of these while enjoying wine~

IMG_1763 ham~


IMG_1764 and a variety of cheese~~

(you’ll see me with extra KGssss when you meet me back in school when sem starts)


well, we also have some chips, carrot, and cucumber sticks to go along~

IMG_1765 the dips for the chips and vege sticks~


IMG_1761 mamamia!



will be going back to KL in an hour’s time!~

till then! CYA!


Ultraman said…
how's cheese ham side with wine?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
ham and cheese are considered some of the easiest western food to be served with wine (usually wine goes with steak or sorts in this case, only requires cutting).

plus, wine helps bring out a different tast in the cheese which you may find interesting.