Wesak day celebration~

the day before (Saturday), RQ was planning to join the event, so we were having this discussion because we still have a paper (today).



RQ : I wanna go “yu fo”… (浴佛)

Me : what is that? (being the Mandrin dumb I usually am)

RQ : “yu” means bath

Me : (before he can finish his sentence) WE HAVE TO BATH THERE?!?!?!

RQ and Mike :  *Fainted*



(“yu fo” actually means bath the Buddha)


so we left early the next day we left so that we can reach home early to study…

well, we took some notes along so we can study in the LRT too~

we are going to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, so it’s a long distance…



some photos taken while we were there~




IMG_1425 RQ and I while waiting for our turn~


well, it would be so dumb if I went all the way there and not going down to have a look right?



IMG_1430 what’s in your mouth???



after that, we went home~

on the way to the stadium, we noticed that Rakan Muda was having some sort of event there~


P/S :  today is to be remembered!!! because it’s my last paper!!! 8 hours to freedom!!! Jai Ho!!!

will be going our right after my paper!~