well, as mention earlier, I went to Pavilion with Jynn for movies~

and Chiau Thong decided to tag along~


IMG_1793 we were greeted by this car at the entrance~


after purchasing our tickets, we decided to go for J.Co coz we were starving while waiting for Chiau Thong to arrive~



IMG_1799 Jynn enjoying his morning sip of news~


IMG_1804 now that I’ve tasted Krispe Kreme, J.Co aren’t really fulfilling anymore…



after lunch, we still have 1 hour before the movie starts~

so, we went for Baskin Robbins!~

IMG_1812 yum yum~~


later after that.

we continue our quest~ walking into Hall 2 of GSC to watch Terminator Salvation…

and I personally think it’s not up to standard…


I’ll leave the rest of today for tomorrow’s post…

really tired already… got to sleep~