SHOPING (part2)

since terminator alsvation is not so good…

we are craving for something better~

well, actually we wanted a place to sit and that and drink…

so we decided to pay a visit to The Loft~


got ourselves a few Danish and quiche and cheese cakes~


IMG_1818 the quiche is seriously good!



IMG_1819 love it THAT much! *stretch arm apart wide and big*

(I don’t really recommend the chocolate and blueberry Danish tho…)


IMG_1825 the cheese cakes which the name it uh~hu~! (or something like that)

it’s nice~ really something special~ worth the try!




IMG_1826 Chiau Thong playing with her phone instead of eating…

no wonder still so kurus…


IMG_1827 Jynn, your pose seriously got problem…


and me enjoying my time~



after that, we went for our second movie Star Trek!

it is WAYYYY WAYYYYYYY bETteR than Terminator!

like so super dooper better than Terminator!

image okok, I know most people already watch it…

but I still wanna promote for them because it was really a great movie!



we, (meaning Jynn) received a SMS from iSieng that she have arrived and she bought us Kolok Mee from Sarawak!

den we run back home all the way from Pavilion to savor the food~

and it was worth the run back!~

(was joking about the running part, it’s supposed to show how we really wanted and liked Kolok Mee)


went to Pavilion again today for another movie~

might look for another jeans coz I did not manage to get one yester due to the arrival of Kolok Mee iSieng~

till then, CYA!


Ultraman said…
ahahaha i got the loaf member card ^^
nice or not the things there?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
gregorule said…
this is my first visit, and I haven't dine there before either...
but would like to some day~ ^^

the quiche is good, really good~ ^^