Orgasmic Sweeties



IMG_1167 it’s MOF okay…

think straight people!


anyway, Liang, PeakMun and I went to MOF as planned~

after our lunch at Genting Klang, we went straight to Pavilion to hunt for our orgasmic sweeties~


if you still don’t know what I am talking about,

let me show you~

IMG_1148 sesame shake~ (Liang)

the shake is so smooth and the taste and texture of the sesame seeds makes it perfect!


IMG_1151 PeakMun’s (forgot the name) >.<

this dish comes with a small cup or coconut sugar which you are supposed to add into the bowl and eat it together with. very sweet and refreshing if you ask me~


IMG_1160 and my Kakigori (shaved ice)…

this is one of my favorite there~

the taste if macha just gives you the refreshing feeling, the red bean paste is thick and sweet. plus, the sugar they gave aside makes everything all the better when added into!

ORGASMIC!!! (total bias)


IMG_1164 we also ordered a side dish of muachi (wonder if I got the name correctly)

the texture of this dish is simply different from what we thought it would be. it’s baked muachi.

crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside~

it’s made of rice flour, thus, making it taste like the Japanese biscuits you get fomr the mart~ but the texture is what you’ll be mostly paying for~



what’s an outing without a camwhore session, no?

IMG_1144 Liang and I~~ (I look so “lut” in this hair style)


IMG_1145 PeakMun and I~


IMG_1169 PeakMun : Liang! I think there’s money falling from up above!!!

Liang       : YAYAYAYAA!!! I saw a few $100 notes!!! let’s go grab it!



IMG_1172 a snap shot of the kitchen~






nest stop, Krispy Kreme~

IMG_1176 another main objective of the day!


till then, CYA!