my first!~

at last!~

I got it~

my very very first!~


it’s black!

it’s gold!

it’s my very first Nike!

*hops around in joy*


IMG_1647 got it after a 40% discount!



IMG_1638 my very first nike shoe~



IMG_1639 my first shoe what cost more than RM100



IMG_1644 dun pray pray~ hehe~



I’ll be going to Kamapr today,

sending my sis to Kampar to continue her tertiary studies~

so, I won’t be online these few days~

don’t miss me too much then!~ ^^



Mike Cheong said…
Good for you Greg!!! You finally got your own Nikes!!! By the way, it's pronounced as 'Nai-kees'... =P

Hope you enjoy wearing them like I do...
gregorule said…
thanks thanks~ ^^