LG Blog Launch Party

as planned, Jloi picked up me and Liang From our place~


upon arrival, well, we do what bloggers normally do best~

IMG_1268 cam whore!~

IMG_1266 a picture of me signing the backdrop~


IMG_1271 Liang the Devil~


IMG_1276 Zues and OBC (sorry for giving the wrong direction dude!)


IMG_1282 soon after that, EV arrived!~ as a devil~



after some time hanging out. the event started~

IMG_1285 speech were given~

and we continue hanging out~


IMG_1291 Suresh and I~


IMG_1292 Tian Chad and I~


IMG_1306  picture of the bar~


then there were some fun and games~

IMG_1302you can see Thomas there shaking the stage down~


IMG_1308 Liang and I again~


IMG_1319 EV, Tzia, Hitomi, me and Suresh~


IMG_1322 a group pic~


IMG_1330 on the dance floor~


IMG_1340 another group pic~

the crowd gets lesser and lesser after this pic were taken…


IMG_1354 everyone’s movin’ to the grove~


IMG_1363 Cindy and Tzia dancing together~



best part of the night?

IMG_1364 free booze!~


IMG_1388 changing the angel to a devil…


IMG_1389 last pic before we leave~



I was a night to remember!~ fun filled!~

thanks Nuffnang and LG for inviting me to the party!~

for more info visit  LG blog~


greg signing off!~



小澤 (DSvT) said…
how you know about this event? missed it...
gregorule said…
it was on Nuffnang blog...
Zues said…
Hey bro nice post! Why sorry? You are the one that brought us there! Without you sure I just lepak at the Ramli Burger stall nia tat night! Haha..
gregorule said…
LOL~ sorry coz I confirm the wrong location with you maa~ LOL

actually ramli burger not bad to lepak at lo... HEHE!~