Krispy Kreme~

as promised, I hereby bring you, to Krispy Kreme~



IMG_1177 look at how people can go to the extent to wait for the doughnuts!

the queue was until outside the store while we are enjoying our doughnuts upstairs!

which lucky for us, the queue weren’t THAT long while we arrive~



the doughnuts are not cheap if you ask me…

RM2.60 each is over rated…


but we bought their double deal 2 (correct me if I’m mistaken) which cost RM38 for 2 dozens of doughnuts… (1 dozen of assorted flavors and 1 dozen of normal glazed doughnuts)

so, we have 8 doughnuts each to be brought home~

if you have many people eating, it’s recommended to do like what we did…

after dividing, each doughnuts cost only RM1.60



back to the doughnuts…

IMG_1182 look at them~ I am already drooling~~ @____@


IMG_1184 I liked this, even though it’s just a normal glazed doughnuts. (or maybe because I did not ate any of the flavored once) >.<|||

honestly, better compared to J.Co or Big Apples if you ask me…



IMG_1199 “hey, this is mine!”

“no! it’s mine!!!”


IMG_1195 Liang helping us to “fan ga can” (allocate our possessions)

since we are not living together, we got another box from them and they happily gave it~ unlike JCo or Big Apples which will be charging you extra if you wanna separate your one dozen into 2 boxes…



IMG_1202 and the last picture before we left for home~



Krispy Kreme anyone?


Anonymous said…
ooo yummy! =D