jom gila gila!

I usually go out alone, and planned to do so yesterday…

but I gave up to the sudden feeling of loneliness in me and asked Chiau Thong out with me as we went to MV / Gardens~



since I arrived early, I went to get the movie ticket first~

we planned to watch Wolverine at the premiere class~



then I went to Boarders to help my cousin to get a book before Chiau Thong arrived~


since I am into eating something good, Chiau thong suggested Italianese since they are a lunch promotion~

IMG_1502 only then I noticed the have changed their menu~

guess it has been a long time since I set foot into Italianese?


IMG_1504 the set lunch is priced from RM13.90 to RM 30++ (but definitely less than RM40)

price are according to the main you pick, and each set comes with soup and a glass of iced lemon tea or pepsi of your choice~


IMG_1505 as usual, bread is served before everything~



IMG_1506 crème of mushroom~


IMG_1508 forgot what soup is this already >.< (mine)


IMG_1512 Chiau Thong’s chicken sandwich~ the mushroom's are good!!! HONEST!


IMG_1516 I had this angel’s hair pasta (all vege, no meat, only tomato).

I always liked angel’s hair, but this  particular dish tasted a little burnt…

@____@ or is it meant to taste like this?



IMG_1519 Chiau Thong enjoying her lunch moment~


and this lunch cost us less than RM40!

yea, and we were friggin’ly stuffed with soup, pasta, sandwich, and drinks! (we share our meals yes, that’s how you can taste more)


we finished out lunch just on time to go for the movie~

and it was great!

Wolverine was DA BOMB!

image must watch must watch!!!~


more updates on yesterday~

meet up with Wei Chee at Wangsa Maju Feeling Cafe~


till then!~ CYA!


Vince Ong said…
Ah yes, X-Men!! totally love it! Very good la..
gregorule said…
yaya~ I like deadpool~ he's cool!~
princesz mel said…
omg..hugh jackman!!hottie!!love him!!