into Korea~

*rewinds back in time*

well, we had a farewell dinner for sis before we actually sent her to Kampar.


and we decided to go for Korean!~

IMG_1649 and as usual, Korean serve varieties of side dished before they serve the main dishes~ and it was good~


let’s see what we ordered~

IMG_1651 fried spicy squid~

served with some Korean noodle, this dish taste rather different.

the texture of the squid and the vegetables does goes well along with some of the noodles.

it’s quite spicy if you eat it together with the chili.


next, we had

IMG_1655 the usual, Korean BBQ~

notice we BBQ along with the Kimchi?

well, that’s how we like it~

wrap the meat along the the kimchi, chili and garlic slices in the vege and dip it with the sauce provided and we are ready to roll!


since we are out for something new that day,

IMG_1657 we also ordered the fried bean curd.

this dish was a let down because it’s just normal fried bean curd with sauce provided.

nothing really special about it~



after dinner, we are also served

IMG_1664 desserts~

which consists of watermelon, some rice pops and a cup of wine (according to my mum which I don’t think so, can someone please clarify?)





It was a good meal! no doubt!

we always leave the restaurant feeling more than satisfied!


leave the name of the restaurant la...

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gregorule said…
lol! yea I have thought of that, but I forgot to take down the name of the restaurant even tho I have visited that place for so many times already... @____@