have you tasted the goodness of CB?

well, my mum was practically repeating this phase when we pass old town into the new town in Kampar…

I later found out why…
IMG_1750 not big enough?
let me zoom it a little for you…

goodness of CB so, have you tasted the goodness of CB???

IMG_1702 after what we got from the CB (chicken biscuits) shop,
O0oO0oOoo, YeS I am g0iNg to~

*pun may be intended or not intended according to the preference of my readers*
till then~


~K£cќ~ said…
Oh so u noticed that banner ... i LOLed when I saw it at the first time. Not many noticed it though ... its so high above hahahaha

lmao XD n btw how did u manage to snap that pic when ure in the moving car swt ==
gregorule said…
yea... we were all lol-ing in the car... >.<

and it's all about skill~ you'll nvr know... XDXDD