Breakfast at Kampar

*back to Kampar*

on the second day, sis introduced us to a good place to Breakfast near the market in old town where it is actually a food court which sells vast varieties of food for breakfast~

IMG_1710 which also situated beside a lake~


IMG_1712 we parked our car and we are ready to go~


IMG_1719 feel the atmosphere~


IMG_1716 a cup of tea~ (not as smooth as the one I used to have, but will do)


IMG_1714 kari chee chiong fun~

this one tasted rather special as the chee chiong fun has some dried prawn in it~

very good if you ask me, way better than the one we have in KL~



IMG_1720 this is the curry noodle we had~

not worth trying if you ask me, the noodle is so so and the curry is not curry…


after breakfast, we continue to stroll around the place~

if you are not fond on having breakfast such as the above, you can always opt to go to the street at the back of the food court to get some other food to feast upon~


IMG_1725 there are zhangs~ (粽子)


IMG_1729 kuihs~


IMG_1731 breads and cakes~


IMG_1733 ok, I don’t exactly know what this is called but mum and sis likes it alot!

like ALOT!!!



if you are too full to eat…

IMG_1727 you can always eat the morning papers or some other magazines you want~


after that, we went back to Grand Kampar Hotel to continue our rest before we leave our sis at Kampar and drive to KL~

all after our lunch at Yau Kee Restaurant ~


pikey said…
I like the fried kuayteow and the glutinous rice sold there.... miss that place.
gregorule said…
owh~ the kuayteow was okok for me nie...

din have the chance to try the glutinous rice tho... >.<