Windows 7 – review

well, a new computer mush have a new OS to pair with ain’t it?

and I, with Richard’s help, I Managed to install windows 7 onto my computer~^^


so far, Windows 7 really amazed me!

no problem, the screen looks more clean and sleek~

and best of all, the task bar is more organized!


as you can see, the task bar contains small buttons which acts as a quick launch button. besides that, the buttons also acts as the task bar to accommodate minimized windows!


when you point you mouse onto the buttons with the minimized windows,

2  you can see all the screenshots of the windows and just click on the window you want to bring up~


even the flipping is smoother compared to Vista!3 *having fun flipping away*


with you windows all on top, stacking on each other, you can see through the windows all to the desktop by just pointing you mouse the the bottom right of the screen

4 *windows turns transparent revealing your desktop*

and by a click at the same area, all windows will be minimized


another nice function is the jump list


this means when you mouse over the program you want, a list of popular files will appear at the side allowing you to open it straight~



so far, these are some functions I find nice to play with and useful~


besides, the ram consumption is so much less that Windows Vista!

with a decent processor and ram amount, I don’t see any problem running Windows 7 and multitasking!

about gaming, I am not the person to talk about that since I don’t game.

for me, a person who’s doing minor photo editing, web browsing, chat, running Microsoft Office, burning DVD, listening to music, and watching movie.

I rate Windows 7 ---> 4/5

more updates about Windows 7 to come! (if any)


nixxie said…
wow cool greg.. are u using original Win7?

By the way Win7 is actually touch-compatible rite?.. I saw some cool clips where ppl using win7 like an Ipod touch.
gregorule said…
yea it's original, but it's a testing version...

ya, I can zoom by pinching my touchpad... not sure if it's the feature of the touch pad or the windiws... >.<

you come my place I let u play laa... XD
seem like cool.. i wonder many program can be use in this new window yet.. erm.. make me feel like trying.. haha