we are the fast and the furious!

well, what I meant was that we are fast in last minute outing, and then, also furious about it (not sure it’s it the right word to use)


anyway, we have a 5 solid horu break between our class today…

so, Jynn and I decided to go for a movie instead of goyang-ing in UTAR~

IMG_0185 outside the cinema~


we had lunch at the KLCC food court~

IMG_0165 jynn’s cendol biasa which is so sweet can-get-diabetes-sweet.

and my durian ABC.




owh, we packed food from UTAR to makan at KLCC to save money… XDXD


edit2 and soon after that, Ahyii, iSieng and LaoLao came~


and it’s movie time!~

07 and we watched Fast and Furious 4!!!

the movie was fantastic!


after the movie, Due to iSieng’s request, we stop at Secret Recipe for a piece of cake each!~

edit3 clockwise from top left: lemon cheese, chocolate cheese, durian cheese, and classic cheese~


IMG_0226 can whore with ahyii in class~



and right after lecture ends, I heard sifu asking if RQ “on onot?"

my first thought was “RQ and HB no on edi one meh???”


and then I found out that sifu was asking whether KFC later on onot…

and since everyone’s going, it’ll be damn potong stim if I din go right?

and so… we ended in KFC for dinner~~


IMG_0240 Elle and I~



IMG_0248 HB, RQ and me~


IMG_0243 and “drinking up” the cheese in the cheesy wedges…




and I shall end this post with a group picture of me and my house mates and my neighbours and coursmates and UTARians!



till then!~ CHAIO!!!